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Product Overview Date
Partisan Tank Is this tank a Partisan to peaceful or violent politics? 20-Oct-2011, 08:42:58
Flare Cannon Is the Flare Cannon a bright star of a weapon, or a fizzling failure? 10-Oct-2011, 21:11:19
Flathead Is the flathead as flat as a chalkboard, or as flat as a marble? 24-Aug-2011, 04:34:25
Warlord IS this mech a true Warlord, or mearly a Peon? 24-Aug-2011, 04:08:11
Beast Reborn Is this mech a real Beast? Or is it just a nooby wannabe? 21-Jul-2011, 00:08:00
Conqueror Reborn Is this redux of the Conqueror worth your money, or is the old still superior? 20-Jul-2011, 22:21:53
NightHawk Is this NightHawk a predator of the sky, or a clay pigeon to be shot? 13-Jul-2011, 09:41:53
Swoop Will this Vtol swiftly swoop in and out on your opponents, or leave you fluttering in the wind? 13-Jul-2011, 09:40:49
Lotus Tank Is the Lotus a real flower, or just another weed? 13-Jul-2011, 08:39:18
Golem Is this mech a Golem of steel, or a Golem of flesh? 12-Jul-2011, 23:49:40
Kraken Will you Release the Kraken, or Release the puppies with this monster? 09-Jun-2011, 00:33:27
Obelis Will this mech Rick Roll your opponents, or end up with you being trololololed? 03-Jun-2011, 23:55:04
Heretic A true cold blooded Heretic, or a Lawmaker of Justice? 03-Jun-2011, 22:10:54
Polaris Is this mech a two tiered fighter, or a short range dud? 26-May-2011, 14:37:57
Rouge Rouge: Will it turn your cheeks red in glee, or cause the skin to become blotchy in dissapointment? 17-May-2011, 13:08:09
MCM Mech Review: Zenith Is this mech the Zenith of light mechs, or a bottomless pit of failure? 17-May-2011, 13:05:45
Widow A real Widow maker, or an arachnoid to be squashed with a shoe? 15-May-2011, 22:06:07
Knight Is this Knights armor polished to a shine, or did some one give it to the peasants? 15-May-2011, 21:29:59
Volt Cannon Weapon Review This weapon will give you... ∗Dons a pair of shades∗ A shocking experience... 14-May-2011, 17:42:25
Gila Gila: A true predator in hiding, or a bush to be lit on fire? 11-May-2011, 22:13:35
Gargoyle Gargoyle: Is it a stalker of the night, or as usefull as a stone statue? 11-May-2011, 22:11:21
Conqueror Conqueror: Will you Conquer the lands, or be king nothing? 11-May-2011, 22:07:51
Crossbow Crossbow: Firing bolts of death, or spitwads of annoyance? 11-May-2011, 22:02:24
Brigand Brigand: Is this mech a true Brigand, or is it Cannon fodder? 11-May-2011, 22:00:15
Baal Baal: Baals of steel, or baals of balsa wood? 11-May-2011, 21:43:38
Basilisk Basilisk: Will it turn your foes to stone, or die to their blade? 11-May-2011, 21:41:26
Hellion Hellion: A real hell raiser, or just another money sink? 11-May-2011, 21:35:21

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