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MCM is Second life premier Mech Combat Sim. Its dedicated to providing the best possible combat experience inside Second life, with a custom designed web integrated combat system that is both fast paced as well as secure. MCM provides a cheat-proof community supported combat environment that is geared at exciting SL combat junkies with lasers, explosions and intense arenas. MCM has been featured on the Secondlife Showcase and has been operating for over two years with a community of player run clans and groups that is growing everyday. Come check it out and be part of the fastest growing Combat System in SL.

MCM Features over 200 Mechs and avatars from all different styles. Everything from Anime inspired Mecha to them more classic walking tanks. With a inventory of 100s of weapons and accessories the combinations are nearly endless. Design you own machine of war and take it to the field on one of our 8 combat sims.

Are you pilot enough?

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Double X Island


Created by Lucian Collas on 09-Mar-2011, 14:02:27

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