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The Timeline

Light Speed Becomes Reality... (300 BGS)

Dr. Mearin Allardyce's creation of the first I.D.A.G.* propulsion drive opened up an new avenue for man to explore and expand among the stars. This new freedom gave mankind an outlet and purpose for their energies and as such, mankind enjoyed a time of prosperity. Planet after planet was colonized bringing knowledge of unknown races and new technology.

*Inertial Displacement and Amplification Generator drive I.D.A.G.

The End Of The Energy Race... (150 BGS)

Earth's history was changed forever with the creation of the first mass- manufacturing method of the greatest energy source known to mankind, Anti-matter. Professor Andre Talvis released to the world the technology to safely create and refine massive amounts of anti-matter using a unique style of particle collider. Professor Talvis also created to this date the only method for stablely storing and transporting anti-matter known as Anti-Fieldic Containment. The power harnessed by the A.F.C. engine cores were staggering and due to their low maintanence cost,longevity and now the ample supply of anti-matter, spaceships, cities and even mechs were all retro-fitted to have a A.F.C core at their heart.

*Anti-Fieldic Containment - A.F.C.

Galactic Sovereignty Was Formed... (0 AGS)

Mankind's expansion into the far reaches was a great undertaking. Over time a infrastructure of commerce and trade blossomed bringing with it great wealth and power. As a side effect, countless civil wars began to break out across the galaxies as each new group tried to assert their independence, while others tried to expand their control and holdings. In response to this growing danger, a movement of people within the leadership of many governments worked to bind all the galaxies together and out of the ashes and turmoil of war, the Galactic Sovereignty was formed. It's goal was to represent every planet fairly, unifying all those under its power, regulating trade, and acting as the enforcers of the Galactic Sovereignty's charter of rule.

The 5 Great Houses Were Established... (100 AGS)

Through the leadership of the High Chancellor Wilhem Aries, leader of the Galactic Sovereignty, the known universe was brought into relative peace for nearly a century. However, after High Chancellor Aries' passing, a great power vacuum was left. The leaders of the five primary political parties all began vying for leadership of the Sovereignty. Sadly, they were unable to peacefully resolve the power struggle. Each party split forming each into their own independent government which became to be known as the Great Houses. All known space was divided between these governments or Houses. For some this division didnít sit well and as such they decided to remove themselves choosing to head out to the outer ring. One of the most notable to choose to leave was Nicolai Shade, Commander of the Galactic Sovereignty. He gathered his troops along with anyone who was still loyal to the now defunct Galactic Sovereignty and set out beyond the ring of known space. For five centuries the Great Houses rule created everything from brush fire skirmishes to all out wars. This time became known as the Dark Era. During this dark time there was little progress in technology, social, and economic prosperity. Man had become accustomed to war not unlike their ancient ancestors from medieval times.

Clans Invade... (600 AGS)

Report after report filled the communication networks stating that a technologically advanced invading force from beyond the ring was relentlessly cutting a destructive path towards the center of the of the galaxies. After several of the Great Houses lost major portions of their holdings intelligence sources discovered the origin of these unknown conquers that referred to themselves as the Clans. These new invaders were soon revealed as descendants of Nicolai Shade, they had returned to reclaim the galaxy from those they saw as unworthy to rule it.

The Great Clan War... (601 AGS)

The Great Houses pour their resources and forces into staving off the Clans invasion creating one of the bloody wars ever on record. The sheer amount of destruction was incalculable bringing rippling chaos and destruction across the galaxies. In a desperate attempt to restore peace to the galaxy the Terra Defense Network was established. This was a joint cooperative organization between the Houses to work together in fighting the Clans. With the unifying of the galaxy under the Terran Defense Network they were able to cohesively put up a blockade against this common enemy forcing both sides into an uneasy stalemate within three years.

The Galactic Senate Formed... (604 AGS)

After the great war with the Clans many of the leaders of the various factions made an attempt to bring back the golden era of the Galactic Sovereignty. They formed the Galactic Senate which in many ways was similar in some aspects to its predecessor. Again striving to provide fair galactic representation and giving everyone forum to speak in. The Clans under the Galactic Senate's rule were allowed to send their ambassador's to speak to the Senate in a safe environment as well. As a gesture of trust in the newly formed Terran Defense Network, which was instrumental in the defense against the Clans, the Galactic Senate elected the High Lord of the T.D.N Xxander Snook to the position of High Chancellor.

A New Piece On The Board... (606 AGS)

The war between the Great Houses lead by the Galactic Senate and the Clans had mellowed greatly. Neither side trusted the other any farther than their weapons could reach. Flare-ups of fighting emerged fairly regularly keeping the politicians on both sides on their toes trying to either stop the issue from firing up the machine of war or to look for some way to use it to manipulate the situation to attain some hidden agenda. Unbeknownst to both sides some of the supposed attacks suffered on either side were not the work of any of Clans or any of the Great Houses, a new player had joined the game. It was the perfect opportunity for them begin testing each side. As skirmishes happened on various planets in the outer ring, they would watch from the shadows studying their prey. If the opportunity availed itself they would lure away any unfortunate pilot from either side that was foolish enough to be caught venturing alone and tear their mech apart. Soon rumours began to spread about strange mechs like creatures, some of which seemed to have grafted Clan or House weapons on them. Reports reached across the Great Houses, as did it through the Clans. Both sides during their already stressed political meetings tested the other to find even the smallest explanation for these swift, ruthless and seemingly half biological and half mechanical creatures.

Bio-Mech Incursion... (606.5 AGS)

More and more information cascaded down the ranks as there were more reported incidences. Instead of pairs, larger numbers like that of swarms were being seen. Fast exploratory fleets were sent by both the Houses and Clans alike, searching for the invaders trail and hopefully their origin. Within six months their entrance in to known space was discovered, but as a price heavy casualties were suffered by the fleets as they found a once thought dormant wormhole was their gateway into the sector. This new threat broke the stalemate between the Clans and Houses forcing them to focus their attention to fight the bio-mech scourge.

The Missing... (607 AGS)

The Bio-mech swarms were well on their way to becoming the single greatest threat known space had ever known. Though these raiders were not any larger than the most basic of the tech equivalent mechs their sheer numbers allowed them to overwhelm any resistance that came against them. After their making it half way through both a Clan and one of the Great Houses holdings, they stopped suddenly. High Chancellor Snook was dispatched to the front to look for any signs of why. The Galactic Senate Flagship the Prometheus and its three accompanying destroyer class ships arrived with the Chancellor in a matter of a week to begin his investigation. From the Chancellor's arrival date there were only five reports sent back before all communication with the Prometheus was lost. A second Galactic Senate ship was sent with double the accompanying defensive fleets. Upon arrival they found no evidence the Chancellor, the Prometheus, or its fleet and not a single Bio-mech ship or mech was found in a full weeks investigation of the sector.

Formation Of The Global Factions... (612 AGS)

With the mysterious disappearance of the Bio-mech threat the Great Houses and Clans slowly shifted their focus back to internal matters. Both sides were embarrassingly caught off guard by the Bio-mech's attacks and as such the Clans and Houses gave each other a wide birth to focus on making sure they would be ready should the creatures appear again. However, it was impossible to keep that unity of purpose unless there was a real and present threat. Five years passed seeing an great increase in conflicts within the Houses and Clans, who again are looking to reassert their strength and hold on their sectors. The Clans and Houses hit hardest by the Bio-mech incursion seemed to have the most hostility as they try to rebuild their image and their defenses, posturing as does a wounded animal that has been cornered. The rampant conflicts, deceptive diplomacy, great losses of leadership and faith in the future, created fertile ground for the formation of new beliefs in technology and politics. These events were the catalyst that started the first global factions, the Terran Confederacy lead by Emperor Lucian Collas and the Planetary Coalition led by Overseer Kalel Mommensen.

The Second Great War Begins... (616 AGS)

Besides the stirring up conflicts across the galaxies a fight began to be waged within the political arena as well as the Galactic Senate tried to reinforce their crumbling control and influence over the Great Houses. The Senate's power was never a well rooted and supported as that of their predecessor and as such it was not able to survive the loss of its chancellor. In an attempt to bolster their position they put undue stress and expectations onto the T.D.N. making them be the scapegoat responsible for the current state of affairs across known space. The Terran Defense Network main objective was to provide stability and communication across the galaxies, but the overwhelming division and infighting within the Houses and the Galactic Senate had escalated to such a degree that virtually all support for the T.D.N had dried up, as no other House wish to do anything that would be of benefit to one of their rivals. This along with the Senates allegations nearly ostracized them from being accepted anywhere other than the few remaining planets still loyal to the T.D.N. . Without the stability and the support the Great Houses the Terra Defense Network was powerless to stop the rampant conflicts that were plaguing the galaxy.

The Imperial Templars... (618 AGS)

Due to the fall of the Terra Defense Network, a splinter group of devoted followers still loyal to the T.D.N.'s ideals, reformed themselves, as phoenix from the ashes, to create a new global faction known as the Imperial Templars. Colonel Ender Hanner, a prominent leader of one of the Great Houses, was asked to take headship of this new faction due to his exemplary reputation with its predecessor as well as his impressive war record against the Bio-mechs during their incursion. The Templar's views were quite contrary to the rest of the global factions. Their primary goal was still almost solely focused on the Bio-mech threat even though there had not been another reported sighting, let alone attack for six years. The conflicts within the Great Houses and the Clans barely registered on their agenda instead they delved deeply into researching new technologies research into the Bio-mechs themselves collecting all the data they could. The Houses and Clans have always been at ends and as such the Templars have no delusions that they are capable of anything else. Some of the more zealous members of the Templars have developed the belief that it is a holy crusade, a calling, to destroy all non-human sentient life across the galaxies not only the Bio-mech invaders. Leading to a doctrine with the sole goal of the preservation of the human any cost.

A Curious Development... (625 AGS)

Our galaxy has found itself in a time of flux due the complete collapse of the Terran Defense Network. The once bustling and highly patrolled outposts and relay stations that wove across known space that helped keep the galaxy in check have now become undermanned and a great many left all but abandoned. Over the course of the last two years the Galactic Senate with the help of a classified organization known only as the "Lucian Alliance", have focused on working on restoring supplies and power to these crumbling outposts. Among these was a small observation station in Sector 613 located on the outer ring of the known galaxy. The orders came from the Lucian Alliance executed by their mouthpiece the Galactic Senate that Commander Kren one of Alliance's best officers was being sent to personally restore this outpost, but such a move seems to make no sense. However, upon arrival the mystery seems to be unfolding. While bringing the station back online Commander Kren and his team found a surprising amount of log entries, with further research they found many accounts of strange anomalies taking place in the up until now, thought inactive wormhole which has shown unmistakeable evidence that it is far from it something has awoken and strange new ships coming through.

The Scourge Infestation... (626 AGS)

With the clans and houses preoccupied with the second great war no one noticed that over the last few years that there was a unseen build-up of Throg forces in the galaxy. That is until June 20th 626 that and elite contingent of bio-mechs which came to be known as the Scourge showed their true power to a unwitting galaxy. These new creatures wheeled devastating new weaponry that the clans and houses were not remotely prepared for in their worst nightmares. Horrendous battles raged as the clans and houses tried to regroup under the onslaught of the Scourge as they moved through them seemingly unstoppable. Sectors after sector fell to the Throg army in the first days of what had become known distastefully as the "Scourge Infestation".

The Battle Of Colandra IV... (626.1 AGS)

Up until the middle of the seventh era Colandra IV was a classified weapons research center for the Terran Defense Network, but after its collapse The Imperial Templars were able to assume control fairly easily due to its TDN origin. They focusing on merging nano and biological technology to help the war effort. When the Scourge reached the Colandra system the outer planets fell within hours but were able to sent out a distress call to the research center. Upon hearing the distress call Commander Avalon activated project Ecylpse a top secret operation which stopped the planet from being overrun and halted the Scourge advance. After the battle a single communication was wide-band broadcast by the Throg. A number of the clans and houses picked it up and the news spread rapidly. It said, "We the Throg wish to meet with all clan and house leaders to negotiate a truce, My name was Chancellor Xxander Snook...but know now my name....T'leth Snook of the Throg."

The Return Of T'leth Snook... (626.2 AGS)

Six weeks after the initial request for negotiations, it was decided that the treaty of 626 would take place on a neutral planet called Rentak Prime. Attending this historic meeting was the current leader of the Galactic Senate High Chancellor Mail Fanghammer, Overseer Kalel Mommensen leader of the Planetary Coalition and Emperor Lucian Collas of the Terran Confederacy. Within the month the largest collection of Clan and House fleets ever mustered were orbiting Rentak Prime and preparations for the summit were well under way long before the last of the fleets arrived with their greatest leaders.

The Treaty... (626.3 AGS)

Two weeks into the talks all sides were wearing thin as the Throg's ambassador continued to hammer them with demands with the greatest amount of focus on still on the complete and unconditional surrender of Colandra IV and all its research and technology. The fact that the Imperial Templars refused to attend the meetings compounded the difficulty all the more. The Clans and Great Houses did their best to keep shifting the focus as much as they could away from it, due to the fact no one present had actually any control of the planet. A fact they all agreed was imperative to kept from the Throg's Ambassador. If they were to learn of that fact they feared the treaty would implode in on itself and the war would resume causing even greater devastation.

Everything Has Gone To Hell... (626.4 AGS)

Panicked reports came in from all over during a break in the talks as the Throg ambassador resumed his post aboard his flagship near the wormhole in Sector 613. The ambassador was attacked by a large fleet that appeared from behind the nearby moon having been hidden by the moon's interference. The assault caught the Throg off guard and devastated the fleet guarding the wormhole. Several nuclear devices were detonated near the entrance of the wormhole itself crippling the flagship and forcing its Ambassador to retreat into the wormhole to safety. The attack destabilized a portion of the entrance to the wormhole shrinking it by 10 percent. The Leaders of the Clans and Houses were notified immediately and an emergency meeting was called to find out what happened and whom was responsible for this unauthorized attack. Crews were sent out collect wreckage of the destroyed attacking ships. The Leaders of every house and clan immediately started pointing fingers and threatening other leaders as their ships were identified from the wreckage, but soon everyone fell silent as the reports showed that each of them had an apparent hand in this subterfuge.

  • BGS = Before Galactic Sovereignty
  • AGS = After Galactic Sovereignty