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Faction Information
The Throg
Leader Xxander Snook
Home Andromeda Galaxy
Faction History
The Throg were formed out of the remnant of the bio-mechs, but offered asylum to anyone who wishes to join. Because The Throg are the remnant of the bio-mech invaders their technology focuses mainly on nano regenerative armour. One of the downsides of this technology is that the armor plating is weekend by the nanites.
Faction Members (81)
Xxander Snook
Agarthi Dreadlow
Dadaora Avon
edwin Caerndow
Lorak Lykin
Candy Mystakidou
Tsuno Soyinka
lotan Flan
Cayber Foxclaw
RobWolf Dragovar
Susallia Arida
Zomicca Kanashimi
Tesseract Toxx
Murcielago Neox
JoseV481 Milena
shadiccat Shamen
Donte Collins
Kreldin Foxclaw
wolferinia Resident
Serra Karu
Kiba Dreamscape
Kitty Alderton
Draconus Halostar
Revenges Lastchance
Khloie Karu
Orlith Nightfire
MathewVenzon Resident
Jester Dinova
o0Sparda0o Resident
Raavi Mann
Benzoate Resident
Genevieve Ravenheart
Lonewolf Flagstaff
Raz Volare
Zone Spyker
Nieroda Naidoo
Zelis Szondi
Shashi Winterwolf
PyroFang843 Resident
Mirai Dollinger
Rysoga Resident
Klio Ducatillon
Kristoff Jameson
Elisa Rosenblum
Ratatosken Karu
Harmony Levee
Eri Valeska
MrTypo Cobalt
Lorcan Hochbaum
Chii Sonic
Wine Kumsung
Mudpaws Voom
Valtair Resident
Sumaryo Asamoah
Koden Maladay
Johnboy Zlatkis
Zerral Lorefield
Shivan Bearsfoot
Vixen Babii
Fluffkins Nissondorf
Mirakle MacIntyre
Khaokitty Magic
Nevers Decatur
DarkMatter Wizardly
Slayer Frostbite
JayD Torgeson
Untolerable Bohemian
mojo Gearhead
Cerberus Spires
silverskyranch Resident
Lycan Idlemind
Kio Salamander
Ratchet Exonar
Red Jaggernov
KaroMani Resident
Kithsuneca Eilde
Panther Maurer
AyameAkemiSakura Resident
princessglados Resident
xGatekeeper763x Resident
Eldresh Saenz

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