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Faction Information
Imperial Templers
Leader Ender Hanner
Home Copora Prime
Faction History
The Imperial Templers arose from the ashes of the Terra Defence Network and with the secret assistance of House Davion. They offer asylum to anyone who will follow their doctrine. Due to the Templers focusing on ridding the galaxy of the Throg they have devoted all their technology and research to this single goal, as a result they have increased mobility of their mechs as well as increased armor and damage. In order to catch up with the Throg and to fight them effectively they have forgone coolant and re-fire research. This has caused them to fire less often and generate more heat per shot.
Faction Members (79)
Amethyst Neiro
Ivan Jovinavic
Hollow Mistwallow
Kailyn Bravin
Nero Trapdoor
Richter Berithos
Markouse Fang
Saraphim Lionheart
Lanny Ansar
Lara Farslider
Enjeezy Resident
Grimmy Skyther
Shiroga Yeu
Nova Binder
Moestitia Southmoor
420Nyts Resident
Lasha Skye
Boob Knibber
bigchris774 Resident
pumpkin Longfall
mikaelalorena Resident
paul Mistwood
Alex12 Skytower
BeoWulf Foxtrot
Ryuu Florian
fiberoptic Resident
bioplague Resident
yuni321 Resident
Mycah142 Resident
DaniDarkWolfe Resident
JonMichaelKing Resident
MayumiTanaka Resident
Nad Warrior
Zacray Resident
DavidAB Resident
JimboSlacks Resident
Simion Letov
KCWolfe Resident
AS7D Nightfire
Cobalt Snowfield
Buckshot Charmann
Archer Diabolito
Raganamos Darkwatch
Mel Fitzcarraldo
Draco Amaterasu
Darth Seetan
Starshipflowers2 Arlington
Sotnas Xevion
Zexee Galaxy
AngelusMorte Marksman
Sorian Resident
wolfdemon Andel
Khaldor Denimore
Hades Juran
Fos Engineer
Talon420 Resident
Cernunn0s Resident
ashlyin Resident
Nomad Karu
Edgar Adlerstein
Saroe Castaneda
Dorkra Caxton
JiKun Aero
Christina Mahana
Sephiro Mystiere
Mangaman1001 Resident
Kinue Lenroy
Koga Kristan
wolf2468 Resident
Vampera Resident
Toshiro Silvershade
Monster Adagio
GroudonKnight Resident
Maverick Venom
MarkD Swords

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