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Battle For S:170 - House of Davion -vs- PsychoHatchet RYDAS
Rydas Made final Preparations as house Davion came into the city! The familiar terrain gave them the home field advantage as they deiced thought Davion ranks. Davion re-enforced their numbers and pushed back not wanting to give up their chance. Rydas however refused to step down using their own dark matter warheads on their precious city. With Davion on the run they rejoiced in their victory But their battles came at the steep cost of many fallen comrades... How Far does one must go to prove themselves?
Sector: S:170
Date: 04-Jul-2011, 19:52
Attacker: House of Davion
Defender: PsychoHatchet RYDAS
Winner: PsychoHatchet RYDAS
House of Davion PsychoHatchet RYDAS
Ender Hanner Agarthi Dreadlow

Created By: Kalel Mommsen on 10-Jul-2011, 22:10:43

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