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Frostweave Resident10

User Profile » 420Nyts Resident
User Overview » 420Nyts Resident
User Id 01248
Account Class General User
Premium Status Disabled
Clan Name -None-
Faction Imperial Templers
Created 11-Aug-2011, 22:11:56
6 years, 4 months, 5 days, 1 hour, 45 mins
Status Currently Playing In The Forge (Mech)
User Information
Exp: Tech
Level: 109 398,397 / 403,954 EXP   
Exp: Bio
Level: 21 8,725 / 10,055 EXP   
Exp: Ecl
Level: 54 75,959 / 78,732 EXP   

User Overview
Account Created 11-Aug-2011, 22:11:57
Last Login 16-Dec-2017, 21:33:16

Experience Chart
This chart shows the amount of experience the user is recieving per day
Pilot Overview
Pilot Rating Lieutenant Colonel
Kills 2,271
Deaths 1,492
Ejects 3

Combat Overview
Favourite Prey CarrieAnn Puchkina
Worst Enemy CarrieAnn Puchkina
Most Used mech Betrayer
Least Used mech Agro2
Most Kills mech Betrayer
Most Death mech Betrayer
Most Eject mech Polaris
Most Used Arena Double X Island
No Stats Found

We have been unable to find any stats for the Space system.

No Stats Found

We have been unable to find any stats for the Infantry system.

Coming Soon

This feature of MCM is coming soon!

Wins 2 Losses 2 Duels 4

Attacker Target Date Winner Moderator
420Nyts Resident -vs- Mirakle MacIntyre 26-Sep-2011, 14:10 420Nyts Resident Khaos Diesel
Sorian Resident -vs- 420Nyts Resident 26-Sep-2011, 14:09 Sorian Resident Khaos Diesel
Hollow Mistwallow -vs- 420Nyts Resident 26-Sep-2011, 14:32 Hollow Mistwallow Khaos Diesel
420Nyts Resident -vs- Hollow Mistwallow 26-Sep-2011, 15:56 420Nyts Resident Khaos Diesel
Account Overlay
Gender Male
Account Status Active
Login Count 469
Forum Posts 0 (0 Threads, 0 Replies)
Comments 0

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