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New Biomech Weapon: Light Splatter Cannon pec

The splatter cannon is a new armament fielded by the Throg. It appears to be a response to artillery bombardment from heavy assault mechs. It’s speculated it’s a Throg attempt to increase the general shock and awe power of the biomech arsenal.

The guns tend to be rather fleshy looking with metal components sticking out. Dissection of captured specimens reveal that the interior of the weapon is a metal structure over which the Throg biomass is grown over.


The guns launch globs of highly caustic material. The substance is secreted by special glands inside the gun. External tanks collect and pressurize the load. The holding tanks also are heated to improve on the caustic ability of the payload. When fired a valve is released launching a pressurized glob of scalding hot acid great distances. On impact the glob splatters spraying the viscous damaging payload all over the area, earning the cannon its name.

Scientists are still trying to get a handle on what this caustic substance is precisely and its method of action. It appears to use short-lived enzymes and catalysts combined with a rather low Ph mixture. The heat seems to the a key feature in activating the the caustic nature of the mixture. Rather soon after release the substance quickly loses potency.

Threat Assessment

Predictions point towards a greater array of area affecting weaponry appearing on biomechs as more variations of these splatter cannons hit the field. The newest light cannons can be mounted to the mech body easily while leaving the biomechs arm slots open for heavier weaponry. Experts are predicting an increase of biomech bomber tactics utilizing splatter cannons.

Created By: Bellimora Resident on 12-Mar-2015, 21:28:59

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